The TaLii Towels Story

So many people ask me how Taliitowels all started. Like most great ideas Talii came from a need. During the summer of 2012 my cousin from Belgium and I spent time together at the cottage, and she had a lovely towel with her. I loved its fantastic qualities: it was compact, quick drying, and super absorbent. I looked to purchase one in Canada and there were none that offered a variety of sizes or fantastic colours. I set out to find a manufacturer and after a year of R&D, in May of 2014, I placed my first order. Although I only wanted 4 for myself, there was a 1000 piece minimum order. I ordered 50 pieces of both sizes in my 10 chosen colours. My manufacturer insisted on 1000 of the same color but I convinced him to produce the 1000 piece order in 10 colours. I hosted a launch party in my home, which cleared out most of my stock! By week 5, I had sold 700 of the 1000 towels. This confirmed my knowledge that I had something very special. I did my first event at the Bindertwine in Kleinburg in September 2014 and soon found that residents were hunting me down for towels. That was a proud and exciting time for me as I knew moms were sharing their towels and their stories about how great they were at saving space, drying fast, and not smelling.

I tried juggling my full-time job and Taliitowels however my heart was now in my own business. I had a great deal of  work to do on my website ( thank you Voldock ), and also with accountants, banks, and graphic designers. I could not see to the end of the list. In February of 2015 I took Talii on full time.
I used the three F’s: my friends, my family and Facebook to help me name my company, after which I launched a Facebook page. Taliitowels is named after my daughter Talia, my manufacturer Tay and myself, Lisa. With every shipment I improved my product. For example, tweaking colours, adding things to the laundry tag, or experimenting with new sizes. Taliitowels are now antibacterial and never develop any disgusting smells. They are also bit thicker than my first shipment. All results of the endless process of constant, incremental improvements based on customer feedback and testing. Did you know if you are ever on the beach or a boat and someone asks where you got your Talii, you can show them the laundry tag? My contact information is on every one. You can email me from the beach, boat or picnic. I’d love to see your pictures, so don’t hesitate on forwarding those my way. I love to hear your stories of where you have taken your Taliitowels.

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