Do you have a downloadable version of the washing instructions?

Yes! Click here. 

Will Talii Towels Bleed?

We hope your mother taught you how to do laundry, because that’s the first step. 

Sorting your colors and fabrics is the most important part. 

At our trade shows most clients are almost offended when we go over laundry Instructions because they know what they’re doing. In any case, we put a laundry instruction in each purchase and we put them in the packaging when we send them to marinas or retailers.  

We always suggest washing Taliitowels as you would a new pair of cotton jeans or a new Red Roots sweat shirt. 


Just like you wouldn’t sit on your friends white leather couch with new jeans we would advise not sitting on a new wet TaLiitowel in a light bathing suit. 

Our Red, Fuschia, Royal blue, Navy Blue, Merlot will bleed. 

It’s the nature of the beast. 

We have had them color tested.  We know they will. However after three washes we wash ALL the TaLiitowels that come back from an event (and there could be 40) in one load. Except YELLOW. We always wash yellow with our WHITES. Always❤️

Do not soak them in a tub! That’s not going to work !! 

The dye will continue to bleed. 

Put them in a load with LIKE colors. 

Wash the blues in with blacks. Give them a nice wash In with other articles of clothing.  The wash / rinse cycle in combination with them beating around with other clothing will help rid of access color. 

Same with RED.  Wash with your black load or your dark blues.  

Those colors are darker than red.  

We’ve heard clients wash on cold to set the color. We’ve heard others use salt. 

For more Information 

Please google “how do I do laundry? ” 

Or, Ask your Mom!

Does TaLii Towels offer discounts or coupon codes?

We only offer 1 coupon code and that is to waive the shipping if you are
willing to pick up in King City. The code to waive the shipping
is *pickup2019. You must be willing to pick up.*

The reason that we do not offer any additional discount codes is that we
have never increased the prices regardless of exchange rates or increased
importing costs. Also, Talii Towels are now available in retail locations
and if started offering discounts we would be undermining the retail
locations and working against them instead of with them.

How long will my order take ? 

If there is laser on your order allow for 3 extra days. 

We usually pack up your order the day it is received if it’s prior to noon 

It may go out as quickly as that day at 4:00 pm 

( for non custom orders only) 

If you haven’t received your order in 6 business days please contact us. 

Shipping is non refundable unless your shipment was reported missing or not delivered after 6 business days. And only 14 days after your order was submitted 

How do you ship ? 

We ship canada post expedited service which should take 2 to 3 business days.

How many can I wash at once?

I provide all my pool guests with a TaLii. That leaves me with all the Laundry. I put 10 bath sheets and 7 bath towels in one load and they were dry in 39 minutes. I kid you not!!

Can I use fabric softener?

You should not use fabric softener as the fabric softner will clog up the wick in the fabric and compromise absorbency.

Can I use bleach?  


Do TaLii Towels stain easily?

My daughter uses waterproof mascara and dries her Face with her TaLii, leaving two eyelash mascara stains on every towel she uses. It comes out every time, without the use of any stain remover.

What other uses are there for my TaLii?

We took ours to Europe and used them as blankets on our flight. Funny stories:

I spilled a drink while on the flight and my TaLii absorbed all the liquid leaving me completely dry.

My daughter took her bath sheet to camp and hung it from the top bunk to use as a curtain.

Recently, I re-upholstered all of my kitchen chairs with TaLii towels.

These are all true TaLii tales! Send us your funny story at info@TaLiiTowels.com

Can I use them to dry my car?  

They’re great to dry your car as long as your wife doesn’t kill you for stealing them! 😉

Does the colour noticeably fade?

I’ve been washing mine for four years and mine are still in pristine condition with the color remaining just as bright.

Should I get the bath sheet?

The bath sheet is a very generous size. I love mine down south on my chaise lounge.

I have used my TaLii out of the shower for three years now. I prefer the sheet for my body because by the time I put the towel around me and pat myself I’m completely dry. It’s great used as a blanket on a flight or at the cottage by the fire.

Should I buy the bath towel?  

I like to recommend the bath towel size to small children or ladies for their hair and people that are primarily concerned with space while travelling.

Are TaLiis flammable?

Everything is essentially flammable however I took a TaLii into my backyard with a lighter (don’t try this at home!) it smoldered but it didn’t “catch” fire.

I hate the microfibre that sticks to your hands. Do TaLiis do that?

No, TaLiis are made of a suede microfiber; they are softer than a baby’s face.

What’s the strap for?

The strap is used to keep your TaLii folded or rolled up nice and tight.

How many colors do you have?

I have up to 23 colours available in 8 sizes. 

Do I wash them with my terry towels?

No. You should wash them with your jeans. You really shouldn’t wash anything with terry towels because the cotton causes pilling (balls) on your other laundry items.

How much do they absorb?

The bath sheet absorbs 2 full liters of water.

The bath towel absorbs 1 and 3/4 liters of water.

How much do they weight?

Bath Towel: 208g

Bath Sheet: 415g

What is your return policy?

TaLii Towels are considered to be a personal hygiene product, therefore, it is our policy that they are nonrefundable.

How small do they fold?

Bath Towel: 23x18x5 cm

Bath Sheet: 35x23x5 cm