Cucina (15″ x 29″)


38 cm x 65 cm

Colours : White
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Would you like to have a recipe printed on your cucina? If so click the box and email [email protected] the recipe you want printed.
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· Compact & Light Weight for more room in your beach bag and less to carry (when folded this is about the size of a wallet)

· Quick Dry & Antibacterial which saves you the extra laundry load and the energy in dry time

· Sand & Dirt doesn’t stick to TaLiiTowels, so you won’t have to worry about sand in places sand does not need to be after a day at the beach

· TaLiiTowels Bath Towel is the perfect size for anyone under the age of 7 and backpack travelers

· 23 Beautiful colours to match every home décor, boat or lounge chair!

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Weight 0.7348196 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

Customer Reviews

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Katie D
Great products!

Responsive company, lots of vibrant colours and size options. A great product.

Katie M
Can’t live without them

We love these so much, that normal hand towels just don’t compare. Ours got lost, we tried to live without them for a few weeks to see if they’d turn up, but we couldn’t do it. We had to order more (they still haven’t turned up, lol!). They are so absorbent, dry so quickly, and the colour is so beautifully bright. The Cucina size is perfect for a hand towel for our bathroom. Love love love our Talii Towels!!!


Cucina (15" x 29")

Barbara Michaud
Best Towels!

The Cucina kitchen towels are the best towels ever! They dry dishes so well, they dry very quickly, they take up next to no room at all in linen drawer, they are great for quick wipe ups, and sooo much more!! Thanks Talli towels for such a great product. You never disappoint! 💖

S. Baisley
Amazing towels and customer service.

I LOVE these towels! My goddaughter has been raving about these towels for years but I didn’t try them until I bought a Cucina at a festival last month. I am now hooked! I have since placed two orders (in less than a month😆) for more Cucinas, as well as other assorted towels. Everyone on my gift list is getting Talii towels!
I’ve replaced all of my tea towels with Cucinas. I love how I can dry all of my dishes or dry my hands again and again and my Cucina is still dry. I think it’s because it absorbs so much water and it dries so quickly. And it never smells!
There were a couple of issues with my orders which the Talii people promptly corrected. I am more than satisfied. Thank you Talii team!