Makeup Removers (5″ x 5″) – 5 Pack


Colours : Light Grey
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  • Effortlessly removes makeup, dirt and oil with just warm water. No additional makeup remover required!
  • Great for all skin types including sensitive skin
  • Ideal for travel with our handy mesh pouch
  • It’s REUSABLE which eliminates the need for wasteful makeup removing methods
  • Includes 5 cloths & mesh pouch 
  • To use: Soak cloth in warm water and use in circular motion on your face.
  • Machine wash in the pouch.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Annette Kalbhenn
This replaced my $26 Make-Up Eraser Brand for a fraction of the cost, yet worth so much more!

Let me start with I love Talii towels. It all start one summer several years ago at the CNE when I bought two hair towels. After trying once, I bought everyone I knew a Talii hair towel and still do! The fabric is amazing and perfect for so many things. Prior to getting these to remove make-up I was using the Make-Up Eraser brand to the tune of $26 at Sephora and I was happy with it for years UNTIL Talii towels and grabbing these to remove make-up. Here's why: 1. gets all your make-up off, squeaky clean 2. make-up washes out by hand from cloth quickly 3. dries fast, so dry in the morning to tuck away out of sight 4. no mildew smelliness that happens with almost any fabric towel or cloth you get. 5. easily toss in wash comes out nice and clean. Since it comes with 5 in a pack... think of using them for quick wipes around the bathroom or kitchen sink or instead of paper towel.

Tammy Marcus

Towels not what I expected

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