TaLii Turbii (31″ x 29″)


Colours : Coral
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31 inches x 29 inches

· Compact & Light Weight for more room in your beach bag and less to carry (when folded this is about the size of a wallet)

· Quick Dry & Antibacterial which saves you the extra laundry load and the energy in dry time

· Sand & Dirt doesn’t stick to TaLiiTowels, so you won’t have to worry about sand in places sand does not need to be after a day at the beach

· TaLiiTowels Bath Towel is the perfect size for anyone under the age of 7 and backpack travelers

· 23 Beautiful colours to match every home décor, boat or lounge chair!

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Weight .068 kg
Dimensions 22 × 19 × 1 cm

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Customer Reviews

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TaLii Turbii Towel

I have used the one towel over the years and have always loved that it absorbed the water after a hair wash and that I was able to wrap the towel tight around my head. I therefore bought one more for myself and 3 more for others as a gift. This towel has lasted many years without showing any sign of wear. When I received this delivery I was surprised it included a personal note and a cloth for cleaning glasses. I have tried the cloth on my glasses and it works wonders to clean the lenses, thank you.

Annette Kalbhenn
'Annette's Favourite Things' - #1 on the list

Fell in love with these hair towels many years ago at the CNE then bought many, many more to give to family and friends. Think 'Oprah's Favorite Things'. Since then I ALWAYS have an extra one in package as I'm constantly giving as gifts. I have thick hair which holds a lot of water, as does my daughter's and we swear by these. I have now shorter hair and it still works fantastic! Here's why these kick butt against ANY other hair towel option (and I have tried them all!) 1. light weight (so you can put it on straight out of the shower and literally do anything with it on for hours if you get distracted and it doesn't fall off or over 2. The shape AND way the 'skinny end' tucks into the elastic is simple yet GENIUS! 3. REALLY absorbs water from your hair which makes drying your hair faster with less damage 4. the towel dries quickly and doesn't hold smell as all fabric hair towels eventually do that can't be washed out but instead thrown out 5. Lasts a long time! I still have and use the first one I bought in my rotation. So don't buy one, buy two for yourself and a few for people you love!

Sally Cobb

It is nice looking and dries your hair fast. I have short hair so I find it a bit long but if you have long or thick hair it would be perfect.

Andrea Finnen
Amazing for long and thick hair

I wish I would have bought one of these 10 years ago! Despite being very thin fabric, it absorbs the water out of my hair really well, sparing my body towel to just just for my body. Super easy to use and has an elastic for easy hanging to dry. I’ve already bought 3 more for Christmas gifts!

Jim Wilton

ordered one day and the next day received my order love my Talii towels and my Talii Turbii have told some of my co-workers how great they are