Towels for Yachts

Talii Towels are suede microfiber towels that are super absorbent, quick dry, antibacterial and lightweight. Yes, that means no more wet, smelly towels on board. Sand also won’t stick to them; one snap and all the sand stays at the beach and not on your boat!

We know it’s all about space and weight on board, making Talii Towels the perfect addition to any size boat.

As everyone is looking to be eco-friendly, we can proudly say we can put up to 10 Talii Towels in an onboard washing machine. WOW! You can usually only fit 3 regular terry towels. Saving water, energy and time.

They make a fantastic swag for your new and loyal customers within your yachting community. They have also been used as thank-you gifts and company merch for your customers to purchase. We supply many large yachting companies with personalized gifts for their rendezvous and regattas.

Our clients include Worth Avenue Yachts, Marlow Yachts, United Yachts, and HMY Yachts just to name a few.

The best part is in a few moments we are able to customize your boat name and image or company logo on your choice of 28 colors and 14 sizes.
We are able to customize on site at the Ft Lauderdale and West Palm beach boat shows that we attend annually.

Boating Sample Kit which includes:
1 Bath Sheet – 71 x 43 Inches, 1 Bath Towel – 51 x 31.5 Inches,
1 Galley Towel – 15 x 29.5 Inches.
All three pieces will be customized with your boat logo/name
Please email [email protected] to order your customized boat kit sample.

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